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Architecture and Advising
We work with your organization to build a virtual infrastructure that looks to currect needs, the future as well as budget. Everything we provide is based on listinening to what your team has to say as well as a view to the future. StratV is working on several Software Defined Network solutions both with the Opensource Community as with VMware etc. We want to help guide you as a partner into the bright new future.
We understand that infrastucture is what you have on site as well as in the cloud. We will work with you to find the best solution for you organization. The cloud is one solution and we want to help you find the best balance and future proof transistion to move forward with your business.  Your sucess is our sucess.
We are constantly researching the field. Our members are working with large-scale vendors in areas of Virtualization. We contribute to the open sorce community in terms of virtualization. We specialize in VMware and Microsoft platforms. Let us help your organization find the path that is best for where you want to be now and where you want to go.
Disaster Recovery
Our Company is working with Open Networking Lab to contribute to what will be the next generation of networking. We also working with other providers for example, VMware NSX for Software Defined Networking. How can we help you chart your future?
We have worked successfully in guiding our clients to the cloud. We take pride in the fact that our recommendations are in the best interest of their future direction and budget. Often, it takes time and consideration to determine what needs to be in the cloud and specifically, if a public, private or hybrid cloud strategy works best. We help you navigate these rough yet fascinating waters.
We pride ourselves on providing security and failure-proof solutions for our clients. We help in deciding how much data needs to be recovered and replicated at a given moment. We also work with DR vendors to negotiate the best return on investment for the cost.  Some clients can deal with 15 minutes of down time while some can only tollerate seconds. We help you choose the best solution.
Virtualization Specialists
We specialize in virtualization including desktops and servers. At the same time, we research the new technologies including, for example, Software Defined Networking and VMware NSX offering. All of our engineers contribute to OpenSource and SDN Communities.
Meeting all of your strategic virtualization needs today and tomorrow.